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Importance of wearing protective equipment for sports

With the increase in number of people engaging in sporting activities, the number of injuries has surged. Constant exercise is beneficial for health and although there are always risks involved, the benefits far outweigh them. Through usage of protective equipments when engaging in sporting activities can help reduce injuries and make the sports much safer. However, it is important to use the correct protective equipment meant for the particular sporting activity. Using a pair of soccer boots help to protect the ankle from ankle injuries as the studs help to provide a firm grip. However, using the same pair of boots for running will cause serious injuries.


Helmets are basic protective equipment and many people tend to not use them due to the fact that most are bulky and feels uncomfortable. However, helmets are important if you are engaging in sports such as inline skating, skiing, cycling, hockey and baseball. Make sure that the helmet you are wearing is meant for the particular sporting activity. Do not use a cycling helmet for hockey as they are not meant for it. The helmet must also meet their respective safety standards such as the CPSC standard. Make sure that the helmet fits snugly on your head as an ill fitting helmet can cause more harm than good in the event of an accident.


Eyewear is also an essential protection equipment that is often neglected by people. Most eyewear are made of polycarbonate which provides good impact protection for the eyes. Activities such as ice hockey and baseball requires adequate eye protection. It is important to use eyewear that is certified as non certified ones will shatter upon impact and the shrapnel will injure the eyes. If you wear glasses, make sure you purchase one that has prescription lenses.


Mouthpieces are important if you are playing contact sports. Mouthpieces covers your teeth and gums and prevent injuries to them. If you are intending to participate in sporting activities such as football, hockey, boxing and wrestling, you should invest in a good quality custom moulded mouthpiece.


Different sporting activities require the use of different footwear mainly due to different demands and playing surfaces of the activity. For example, although soccer and rugby are played on the same surface, they require different boots to be worn mainly due to the different demands and rules. Rugby boots require bigger studs to allow better gripping of the surface.

Using the correct protective equipment for the right sport is important. Not only that, the protective equipment needs to be well fitted. Using the right ones will greatly reduce your risk of injury and make the game more enjoyable.

Credits: https://www.orthopaedics.com.sg/importance-of-wearing-protective-equipment-for-sports/ 


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